Al Qaeda in Kashmir: The Strange Tale Of The Valley's Loneliest Militant

Al Qaeda in Kashmir: The Strange Tale Of The Valley's Loneliest Militant

Azaan Javaid |
November 16, 2018

Is former Hizbul Mujahideen commander Zakir Musa's Ansar Ghawzat-Ul-Hind a front for India or Pakistan?

TTRAL, Jammu and Kashmir — In the summer of 2017, Zakir Musa, the Hizbul Mujahideen's 23 year old commander, broke ranks with Kashmir's most influential insurgent group to establish the Ansar Ghawzat-Ul-Hind.

Few had heard of the fledgling new outfit, but the Ansar's parent organisation was instantly recognisable — Al Qaeda.

Yet the news, which ought to have rung alarm bells in the Indian security establishment, passed largely unremarked upon. In the 18 months since it was formed, the Ansar Ghawzat-Ul-Hind is yet to be associated with a single encounter with Indian security forces.

Yet as late as last month, the Punjab police arrested three Kashmiri students in a private engineering college in Jalandhar, and accused them of hoarding a Kalashnikov and explosives at the behest of Ansar.

Musa, in the meantime, seems to have vanished. Four senior police officers told HuffPost India his trail had been cold for over a year.

"We received conflicting intelligence reports," a senior security official told HuffPost India. "Some claimed he was killed and buried in an unmarked grave in south Kashmir forest. Other reports suggest that he is no longer in Kashmir, and then some who believe he was killed in a hushed up encounter."

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