Editor’s Pick: Best Investigative Stories in Russian and Ukrainian 2018

Editor’s Pick: Best Investigative Stories in Russian and Ukrainian 2018

Olga Simanovych |
January 8, 2019

In 2018, journalists in Eastern Europe and Central Asia uncovered massive fraud, corruption and even assassination plots

GIJN’s Russian language editor, Olga Simanovych, has gathered some of 2018’s most interesting, complex, amusing and unique investigative reporting published in Russian and Ukrainian. Some stories were selected by GIJN, while others were suggested by our readers on Facebook. A number of the investigations feature impressive use of tools, methodology and technique. The stories are in chronological order of publication, not significance.

An exposé by Russiangate, an anti-corruption website, revealed undeclared real estate assets belonging to Alexander Bortnikov, the head of Russia’s security agency FSB, and his deputies. Journalist Svetlana Zobova reported that the land plot and house registered to Bortnikov are located in one of the most expensive districts of St. Petersburg, and that their market value would range between US$3.6 million and US$5.3 million. Journalists calculated that based on their salaries, the FSB head and his wife would have to save for three to four decades to afford the undeclared property. Nearby was also real estate belonging to Bortnikov’s deputy, General Sergei Smirnov. 

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