Goods train derailed, Mumbai-Delhi train route affected

Goods train derailed, Mumbai-Delhi train route affected

Cobrapost |
June 4, 2016


Mumbai: The dreams of having bullet trains in India shatters all of a sudden whenever a train accident takes place. How can we even realize the dream of operating fully functional bullet trains under these circumstances?

The latest mishap took place in Dahadu, Mumbai, where 11 bogies of a goods train were derailed. This incident has affected train traffic in that area heavily, though there is no news of anybody being hurt in this incident as of yet. After the incident, Mumbai local trains were running regularly, but Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Delhi trains stood cancelled. It’s been reported that the incident took place around 3 am at night. Railway personnel are trying to clear the rail compartments and repairing the rail lines according to the most recent updates. Western Railway’s Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) was also on his way to the incident and the Indian Railways claim that work is in progress on full scale. As the incident is on a large scale, it may yet take hours for the railway to stabilize the situation.

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