Latin American Investigations Honored in Bogotá

Latin American Investigations Honored in Bogotá

Paola Nalvarte |
November 16, 2018

Winners of the Javier Valdez Latin American Award for Investigative Journalism in Bogotá, Colombia. Image: Courtesy of COLPIN.

Winners of the Javier Valdez Latin American Award for Investigative Journalism were honored during the 2018 Latin American Conference of Investigative Journalism (COLPIN), held November 8-11 in Bogota, Colombia.

First place went to the collaborative report on Hurricane Maria, “Los Muertos de María” (Maria’s Dead). The Center for Investigative Journalism of Puerto Rico, with support from the Associated Press and Quartz, worked for months on the winning investigation, traveling all over the island, facing a lack of transparency from officials over statistics and information on victims of the cyclone.

CPI’s Omaya Sosa, Jeniffer Wiscovitch and Carla Minet; Quartz’s Ana Campoy and YouYou Zhou; and AP’s Michael Weissenstein received the award for their work on the project.

Second place was a tie between two investigations from Peru and Argentina: “Caso Lava Juez” (Case of Judicial Wash) from Peru’s IDL-Reporters and “Los Cuadernos de la Corrupción” (Notebooks of Corruption) by Diego Cabot of Argentina’s La Nación. The alleged acts of corruption that each of these investigations revealed showcased a before and after in the political and judicial realities in Peru and Argentina.

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