Moving on with respect: the next steps for Dying Homeless

Moving on with respect: the next steps for Dying Homeless

Rachel Hamada |
May 21, 2019

After a year of collaborative, investigative reporting that revealed nobody was counting people who died homeless, we've made great inroads.

We set out with a call to #MakethemCount and now it is finally happening. But after a year of work on such an important and ongoing issue, could we really just break it off and move on?

The Dying Homeless project had started after we learnt that no single body logs how and when people are dying homeless across the country. We set out to do this by collaborating with our network - reporters and citizens - across the country.

After 18 months of work we had found that at least 800 people had died homeless since October 2017. Our network did sterling, collaborative work to tell the stories of those that died in their area. And then, after we shared our methodology, the Office for National Statistics announced it would start producing official data on homeless deaths. Equivalent bodies in Northern Ireland and Scotland said they would look into doing the same. This change will provide the vital first steps of documenting a issue in desperate need of policy and action.

Credit by - The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

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