'Never again': Zarif calls US group coup attempt bound to fail

'Never again': Zarif calls US group coup attempt bound to fail

Aljazeera |
August 20, 2018

On anniversary of US-led 1953 putsch, foreign minister says Washington 'action group' won't topple government in Tehran.

Iran's foreign minister, has said any US effort to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran was bound to fail, just days after Washington announced the creation of a group to coordinate and run the country's policy towards Tehran.  

Zarif made the comments in a Twitter post on Sunday, on the anniversary of a US-backed coupthat toppled Iran's first democratically elected government in 1953.

"65 years ago today, the US overthrew the popularly elected democratic government of Dr. Mossadegh, restoring the dictatorship and subjugating Iranians for the next 25 years," Zarif said. 

"Now an 'Action Group' dreams of doing the same through pressure, misinformation & demagoguery.

Credit by- Aljazeera

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