Curvy women work out too, Nike acknowledges it well


Nike Women’s Instagram account makes its 4.8 million followers believe everyday that no matter what kind of a woman you can be amazingly badass.

The iconic brand did not fail to impress us this time as well. It completely discarded the notion that curvy women stand far away from athletic brand advertisement, on Thursday by posting a picture of Paloma Elesser, a New-York based model signed under Muse Management’s plus-size division, in one of Nike’s new sport bras.

Standing in a bra and leggings Elesser demonstrates how to know if your sports bra fits you right.

The best part about the image is that it doesn’t have any mention of the model being plus-size or any indication that she is any difference in the image compared to rest of the images in the account.

In including Elesser in the mix, free of context, Nike is normalizing the idea that women of all shapes and sizes care about fitness ― the ultimate goal on the path toward inclusivity.

A round of applause to Nike for making an effort to promote the idea that women of all shapes and sizes care about fitness ― the ultimate goal on the path toward inclusivity.

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