Dainik Sambad: We have a clear policy of not publishing any religious advertisements

Dainik Sambad: We have a clear policy of not publishing any religious advertisements

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May 25, 2018

Their refusal to peddle paid news is a whiff of fresh air

Unknown Official, Dainik Sambad, Agartala, Tripura


Sharma’s next stopover was the Agartala office of Dainik Sambad, a prominent Bengali daily published from the capital city of Tripura. Dainik Sambad is popular among Tripura’s predominant Bengali population for simple diction. Here Sharma met an official who not only refused to play ball but also refused to share his calling card with his visitor. The interview did not last long but it is interesting to give a snapshot of what transpired between the journalist and this sales official of Dainik Sambad.

Introducing himself as representing the Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Prachar Samiti, the journalist told him about his agenda and sought to place an ad campaign in their paper targeting 2019 elections. Rejecting the offer, the official says: “Ye humara policy hai hum koi dharm ka vigyapan nahi chhapenge (We have this clear policy to not publish any religious advertisements).” You see, the journalist tries to persuade him, we are not talking about religion in ads. The official says: “Matlab aap jo bol rahe hain na Gita ke baare mein jo bol rahe hain jo advertisement aap dikha rahe hain humko uss type ke advertisement hum log nahi chhapte (I mean what you are talking about the Gita and the advertisement you are showing me, we simply don’t publish those kinds of advertisements).” But friend, this ad campaign would target the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and on politics, the journalist tries to bring him around. The official again refuses to buy the argument. Look we also have a political paper called Ganashakti, but our policy does not entertain political advertisement. “Nahi, political advertisement nahi … hum log only dharm wala advertisement nahi chhap sakte koi bhi ho (No, not political advertisement … we cannot publish only religious advertisement whatever it is),” the official says with finality.

These refusals come as a whiff of fresh air in otherwise a stultified media milieu, to rekindle hope in us that everything is not lost.

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