Indian-American launches 'Trump Hai to Safe Hai' campaign

Indian-American launches 'Trump Hai to Safe Hai' campaign

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October 10, 2020

With President Donald Trump trailing in the polls, an avid Indian American supporter has launched an ad campaign on 30 Indian channels, targeting the community which has emerged as a key constituency in the 2020 presidential election. Danny Gaekwad, a Republican Indian-American entrepreneur and an avid supporter of US President Donald Trump, has launched a campaign titled, “Trump Hai to Safe Hai”, which highlights the President’s support for India, a media report said.

New Delhi, 10 October 2020

As per news report of, a first-generation Indian American businessman, Gaekwad is the founder and CEO of NDS USA Information Technology, an IT firm, and Danny G Management that runs a chain of restaurants and hotels across Florida. Taking a cue from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s campaign slogan, “Modi Hai to Mumkin Hai”, the “Trump Hai to Safe Hai” campaign highlights the U.S. president’s support for India and his commitment to maintain law order and economic recovery, among other topics.

Source -American Bazaar Online


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