Congress MLA thrashes youth for questioning performance

Congress MLA thrashes youth for questioning performance

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October 21, 2021

A Congress MLA, his security personnel and supporters in poll-bound Punjab were caught on video thrashing a youth, who asked what work the legislator had done for his village.

New Delhi, 21 October 2021                                                                  

As per news report of The Indian Express, reacting sharply to the incident that took place Tuesday, the BJP termed it as the “intolerant face of the Congress”. In the video shared widely on social media, Joginder Pal, who represents Bhoa in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha, is seen addressing a group of people in his constituency that falls in Pathankot district. A youth, later identified as Harsh Kumar, could be heard questioning the MLA as to what work he had done during his tenure. On this, a security personnel with the legislator tries to lead the youth away from the event. Pal could be heard asking the youth to come and speak to him.

Source - The Indian Express


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