Kolkata Metro resumes services after over 5 months

Kolkata Metro resumes services after over 5 months

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September 14, 2020

Metro rail services in Kolkata resumed on Monday after a gap of more than five months, a senior official said. The regular services were suspended due to the COVID- 19 outbreak. Special trains, however, were run for NEET aspirants on Sunday.

New Delhi, 14 September 2020

"Services have resumed at 8 am and around 3,000 people have commuted in the first two hours," Kolkata Metro Railway General Manager Manoj Joshi told PTI. "The last trains from the originating stations on both sides will commence their journey at 7 pm and complete it by 8 pm," he said. Joshi said all safety protocols including social distancing are being followed.

Source -PTI


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