Record high migrant detentions at US-Mexico border

Record high migrant detentions at US-Mexico border

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October 23, 2021

The US says more than 1.7 million migrants were detained along its border with Mexico in the past 12 months - the highest number ever recorded.

New Delhi, 23 October 2021

As per news report of BBC, more than one million of them were expelled to Mexico or their native countries, according to data from US Customs and Border Protection. Agents apprehended people from more than 160 countries.  President Joe Biden's popularity in opinion polls has been sinking, partly as a result of his immigration policy. Just 35% of Americans said they approved of his handling of the issue, in an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey earlier this month. Mr Biden promised a more humane immigration policy than his predecessor Donald Trump, but the US-Mexico border has been engulfed in crisis for much of the Democrat's nine-month-old presidency.

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