News at a glance

News at a glance

Cobrapost |
July 16, 2016

News at a glance

Bangladesh Attack Economy

BANGLADESH-SANITATION VICTORY — Through a dogged campaign to build toilets and educate Bangladeshis about the dangers of open defecation, the densely populated South Asian nation has managed to reduce the number of people who defecate in the open to just 1 percent of the 166 million population, according to the government — down from 42 percent in 2003.

BANGLADESH ATTACK — Police in Bangladesh have denied they’re still holding anyone rescued during this month’s bloody attack on a restaurant by radical Islamists, saying they’ve questioned and released two former hostages reportedly missing since the attack.

INDIA-KILLING OVER BEEF — Ten months after a mob in northern India killed a Muslim man over rumors that he had slaughtered a cow, his family faces prosecution for alleged cow slaughter following a neighbor’s complaint.

PAKISTAN-MODEL KILLED — Police say Pakistani fashion model Qandeel Baloch, who recently stirred controversy by posting pictures of herself with a Muslim cleric on social media, was strangled to death by her brother.

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