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May 8, 2013

Operation Blue Virus: Reactions of IT Companies

Operation Blue Virus: Reactions of IT Companies
Just Before the airing of the investigative story ‘Operation Blue Virus’, Cobrapost decided to reach out to the IT companies covered under the investigation and sought their point of view after revealing the reporter’s identity.
These are some of the views as expressed by the IT professionals on telephone even after knowing that the man they met was not a front man of any politician but an undercover reporter.
Bipin Pathare, Om Consultancy, Mumbai
When contacted on phone, Bipin again tells the reporter that he has done it for several politicians. He says: “Aa jao abhi chalu karenge. Ye toh humare paas sab ready hai” (Come… we will start it right now. We have everything ready with us).
When the reporter reveals his identity, Bipin still says: “we can do it”.
Trikam Patel, Triams Technologies, Bangalore
When the reporter called him, Trikam Patel says that he is in Hubli. While talking about the work, he says: “Chhe mahine mein publicity dekhiye. Ho jayega wo koi issue nahin.Ek crore dus lakh … kaam ho jayega” (you can see the publicity we will do within the next six months. The work will be done it’s not an issue. One Crore Ten Lakh rupees, work will be done).
Vishal Saini, Webstreaks, New Delhi
On phone, Saini quotes 1.5 crore rupees for his services. He also wants the reporter to meet him once again. Even after reporter reveals his identity, Saini says: Karaya ja sakta hai” (the work can possibly be done). Patel also agrees to do negative publicity.
Neeraj Kr, Value Bound, Bangalore
When the reporter recalls his meeting with Neeraj, he says: “Kahan gayab ho gaye ?” (where you have been these days ?). He quotes 2.5–3.5 crore for the services his company would be rendering. He assures: “ Negative publicity against the political opponent: One point five (crores) negative ke liye. To be paid in four instalments in five months. ( Negative publicity against the political opponent and Rs 1.5 crore will be charged for negative publicity).
After the reporter introduced himself and asked if he still can do negative publicity on social media. Haan (Yes), he says.
Vipin Patil, Integerz, Mumbai
Hasan asks him if his company can do negative publicity against our political opponent. He quotes 2.5 crore. He says: “Bahar ki countries se karna padega” ( it has to be done from some other country).
Pradeep Gupta, PageUp Media, Ghaziabad
The reporter tells Gupta that he would like to go for negative publicity of Netaji’s politicial opponent. Gupta requests the reporter to meet him again but also quotes a price of Rs. 13 lakh per month. But he warns: “Har mahine mein advance” (advance money every month). Gupta invites him to his office the next day to finalise the deal.
Prateek Patel, Unlock Technologies, Mumbai
Patel instantly recognizes the reporter who tells him to do the negative publicity against Netaji’s opponent. He agrees but tells he will get back on prices the next morning. After the reporter reveals his identity, Patel is lost for words. He says of the paid negative publicity on social media: “Nahin aisa kuch nahin hota hai (No, nothing like this happens).”
Prashanth Sequeira, Arokia, Bangalore
The reporter , on phone, asks Prashanth to do negative publicity. Prashanth says that Rs. 60,000 will be charged per person hired for the job. When the reporter reveals his identity he is asked to come over for a meeting.

Neeraj Sinha, Torus Infotech, New Delhi
Sinha refuses to do negative publicity. “Galat kaam humne kabhi kiya hi nahin” (we never do such wrong things), he says.

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