"Phone Hacked, Asleep When Obscene Clip Sent": Goa Deputy Chief Minister

"Phone Hacked, Asleep When Obscene Clip Sent": Goa Deputy Chief Minister

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October 20, 2020

Goa Deputy Chief Minister Chandrakant Babu Kavlekar, accused by the opposition of sending porn clips to a WhatsApp group of social activists, has filed a police complaint alleging that his phone was hacked. The message from his phone allegedly went to the group after midnight on Sunday.

New Delhi, 20 October 2020

Chandrakant Kavlekar has said in his complaint to the cyber police that the clip was sent to the WhatsApp group from his phone when he was "nowhere near the phone and fast asleep". He said "some miscreants" had sent a video with obscene content to a WhatsApp group called "Villages of Goa". The video was "intentionally masked in my name with some criminal intention," Mr Kavlekar wrote.

He pointed out that the video was sent to only one of the many groups he is part of. "Also, the time when this message was sent, I was nowhere near the phone and I was fast asleep. There have been many such attempts in the recent history to defame my name and project a wrong image of me in front of the public," he alleged.

Source -NDTV


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