Five pubs raided in Bengaluru to check drug menace

Five pubs raided in Bengaluru to check drug menace

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October 4, 2020

The Central Crime Branch police raided five pubs in the city as part of its crackdown against the drug menace. The searches were carried out on Saturday night, they said. "In the drugs case investigation, we found that generally drugs are taken in some pubs. So, search warrants were taken and five pubs searched yesterday night," Bengaluru Joint Commissioner of Police Sandeep Patil said in a brief statement on Sunday.

New Delhi, 04 October 2020

As per news report of PTI, police have not shared any information on the outcome of the raids. The police have started a drive against the drug abuse in the city and have arrested a few Kannada film actresses, drug peddlers, rave party organisers among others as part of the investigations.

Source -PTI


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