Aroosa’s ‘ISI links’ to be probed, says Punjab Deputy CM

Aroosa’s ‘ISI links’ to be probed, says Punjab Deputy CM

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October 23, 2021

Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa tweeted on Friday evening that police will carry out an investigation into former Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh’s Pakistani journalist friend “Aroosa Alam and her ISI links”.

New Delhi, 23 October 2021

As per news report of The Indian Express, a bitter slugfest ensued on Twitter between the two senior leaders, and late on Friday evening, the media adviser to Amarinder Singh posted a picture that appeared to show Congress president Sonia Gandhi and Aroosa Alam shaking hands, along with the comment, “Just by the way. (File photo).” Earlier in the evening, Randhawa had deleted a tweet in Punjabi in which he had said “orders to probe alleged connection of Aroosa Alam with Pakistani spy agency ISI have been issued”.

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