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Success Story of Kashmiri Girl Sheema Nabi Qasba

Success Story of Kashmiri Girl Sheema Nabi Qasba

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July 17, 2016

Success Story of Kashmiri Girl Sheema Nabi Qasba

Sheema Nabi Qasba from Kashmir has secured All India Rank 205th in Civil Services Examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission. Sheema’s first attraction towards the Civil Services was the IPS from a very young age and she chose it as her top preferences. If luck favors her, Sheema Nabi Qasba would like to get to take IPS.

Sheema Nabi Qasba has completed her primary schooling from Presentation Convent School and later went for higher secondary school from Mallinson School Srinagar. After completing her schooling she completed her LL.B. (Honours) from National Law University, Jodhpur. Sheema also worked with a leading law firm in New Delhi for the last three years before qualifying for the UPSC Exam. It was a proud moment for Presentation Convent Higher Secondary School, Srinagar when Sheema Nabi Qasba, an ex-student, cleared the prestigious Civil Services Examination. Hard work has been her mantra of success. She has had the objective of clearing this exam back from when she was in school. However she applied for the exacmination only in 2014, where she was unsuccessful in her first attempt.

Sheema, the new IAS female qualifier comes from Jammu and Kashmir. Her father Dr. Ghulam Nabi Qasba is the former Commissioner of Srinagar Municipal Corporation. Dr. G.N Qasba is presently Mission Director of National Rural Livelihood Mission. The parents are extremely proud for her grande achievement as Civil service examinations are by far one of the most difficult examinations to be cracked in out country. “In Kashmir it is a good career option that’s open to everyone as long they are willing to work hard for it. It’s one of the fairest exams in the country and it is open to everyone, for aspirational people who want to do good in life,” said Sheema Nabi Qasba ( as reported from the When it comes to Kashmiri women there are only few to have come this far and it is a big bench mark for their society and a source of inspiration for all those women who, despite all the turbulence in Kashmir, aspire to be someone.

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