Maharashtra Old Age Home Now Containment Zone After 67 Test Covid +ve

Maharashtra Old Age Home Now Containment Zone After 67 Test Covid +ve

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November 29, 2021

Sixty seven residents, 62 of them fully vaccinated, of an old age home in Maharashtra's Thane have tested positive for coronavirus, said officials amid concerns over a new COVID-19 variant that has set off alarm bells across the world. The area has now been declared a containment zone.

New Delhi, 29 November 2021

As per news report of NDTV, A team of government doctors visited the Matoshree old age home in Sorgaon village in rural Bhiwandi on Saturday and tested 109 inmates after several residents reported symptoms of the virus. It is one of the biggest clusters to be detected in recent months from Thane district. All of them were admitted to a civil hospital in Thane district. "After complaints of ill-health by a couple of inmates, a team of doctors had on Saturday tested 109 persons at the Matoshree old age home located at Khadavali," district health officer Dr Manish Renge was quoted saying by news agency PTI. "Samples of 15 patients have been sent for genome sequencing," said Dr Kailash Pawar, Civil surgeon, Thane Civil Hospital.

Source - NDTV



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