Trump discharged from hospital after 4 days

Trump discharged from hospital after 4 days

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October 6, 2020

US President Donald Trump has returned to the White House after being discharged from a military hospital where he was under treatment for the deadly coronavirus since Friday, telling his followers that he would be back on the campaign trail soon, and not to be "afraid" of the disease and not let it "dominate" their lives.

New Delhi, 06 October 2020

As per news report of PTI, Trump, 74, who appeared to be healthy, waved at reporters on Monday. In an unusual move, Trump climbed up the South Portico stairs instead of the elevators to go to his residence, showing his fitness. The president removed his mask on the balcony of the White House, where several staff and aides have tested positive for the virus in recent days.

Source -PTI


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