Trump looks west, eyeing new paths to White House

Trump looks west, eyeing new paths to White House

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September 13, 2020

Pushing for new roads to reelection, President Donald Trump is going on the offense this weekend in Nevada, which hasn't supported a Republican presidential candidate since 2004. Trump is defying local authorities by holding public events Saturday and Sunday after officials blocked his initial plans for rallies in Reno and Las Vegas because they would have violated coronavirus health guidelines.

New Delhi, 13 September 2020

As per news report of PTI, it's the kind of fight that Trump's team relishes and underscores the growing importance of Nevada in Trump's quest for 270 electoral votes as the race against Democrat Joe Biden looks tight in a number of pivotal states. Trump narrowly lost Nevada in 2016 to Hillary Clinton, and the state has trended further toward the Democrats in the past decade. But Trump's campaign has invested heavily in the state, relying on its ground game to turn out voters.

Source -PTI


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