Using a cheap smartphone to catch fish

Trapped between rising sea levels and development projects that are eating into the coastline of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, fishing communities using cheap technology have taken matters into their own hands, reports Mahima A Jain. | Read more| September 18, 2018 
From PM To MCD Contractor, There Is A Competition To Deny Responsibility: Bezwada Wilson

On 9 September 2018, five sanitation workers died due to inhalation of toxic fumes while cleaning a sewage tank in West Delhi.  | Read more| September 17, 2018 
Rajasthan Quietly Given Extra Water By Bhakra Dam Board To Improve BJP's Poll Prospects

Haryana and Punjab allege Rajasthan was favoured due to political compulsions. | Read more| September 17, 2018 
Ten Years Since Lehman Brothers Collapsed, It's The Public Who Have Suffered A Decade Of Misery

Remember the bewildered Lehman Brothers employees leaving their HQ with the contents of their desks in cardboard boxes? | Read more| September 15, 2018 
Paul Manafort’s Money Laundering

Here’s 76 pages  | Read more| September 15, 2018 
UIDAI Aadhaar Hack: New Analysis Shows Hackers Changed Enrolment Software Code In 26 Places

The UIDAI hopes the enrolment hack will just go away. It won't. | Read more| September 15, 2018 
German Heat, Austrian Arms, Quebec School Fees and Salvadoran Kidney Disease

What’s the global data journalism community tweeting about this week? | Read more| September 14, 2018 
Record Petrol, Diesel Prices Are Hurting Narendra Modi’s Middle-Class Voters

Could rising fuel inflation derail Narendra Modi’s propaganda machine? | Read more| September 14, 2018 
As Kerala Rebuilds Itself After Floods, Will Centre’s Relief Policies Get In The Way?

The frequency of extreme weather events is increasing, and the Kerala floods point to a key tension in India’s disaster relief framework. | Read more| September 13, 2018 
Big Oil's black mark on California's climate record

The state’s oil regulator has the dual burden of facilitating oil development while protecting the environment and public health. Can it do both? | Read more| September 13, 2018 
Big Impact: A Pocket-Guide to the Financial Benefits of Major Investigations

Investigative reporting is an adventure in delayed gratification | Read more| September 13, 2018 

Operation 136: Part 1


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